We have on-site safety professionals ready to provide safety support 24/7 in any work environment. We also provide on-site safety managers to assist our customers in the implementation of their safety strategy on both long and short term projects.
The expectations of owners, clients and employees are ever increasing in the area of safety compliance and management. Can you afford to put your safety manger on one project for an extended period of time? Do you have the time to find and hire the right person for a short term project? What kind of quality do you think you will find for a short term job scenario?

AC Safety Professional Staffing is your solution to the safety challenges you face daily. We can provide the right professional for your project, working in all fields including steel mills, auto plants, refineries, manufacturers, power industry and general construction.
We provide a safety professional that has the right experience and right attitude to manage your safety program. Safe job sites and safe work facilities are a product of the right people with the right plan.